Prescriber Registration


Frequently Asked Questions By Prescribers

Process Overview

Prescriber register the practice, Practice is verified, Prescriber now have access to unlimited formula, ingredient information, pricing, safety data sheets and other information to create a prescription for the patient. At check out, prescriber can request an invoice be sent to the patient or to the office. No payment information is made at this time.

You are in charge of how the product is formulated by the pharmacy. You decide the base, quality of ingredients, and above all you see the price as you build the prescription. When a prescription order is received, let's say for an ointment, the base and ingredients used vary among pharmacies. There are even different types of ointment base - plasticized, emulsifying to name a few. With this process, you choose what the pharmacy should use. This way you can be sure of product consistency and quality.

No. We prefer prescriptions be sent electronically, verbally or by mail to the pharmacist. The advantage of this process is that you see prices and formulation options as you go along. We figure, it will be more convenient for you to just send the information to the pharmacy and let the pharmacy take care of everything else.

Practice Related

YES. Prescription information is not stored on this website or online. Our pharmacy use the information to create a patient profile in the retail pharmacy management system. Also information is encrypted during submission and check out.

Patient Related

Once we receive an order from the prescriber, our pharmacist will convert it into a phone-in prescription order after verification following the State Board Of Pharmacy rules and regulations. The patient is notified by phone or email with an invoice detailing the cost, shipping and how long it will take to reach the patient. If the patient is OK with it, the invoice is paid giving the go ahead for the pharmacy to formulate the prescriber's order and ship it to the patient. Products are only formulated based on prescriber's orders.

Unfortunately, we cannot start the product formulation process. This is a customized medication and cannot be held or returned to stock.

Product Related

1. Our products are formulated according to the United States Pharmacopoeia.

2. Packaging is important, so we use airless dispensers and the latest packaging technology to make sure the last pump is as fresh as the first pump. Your local pharmacy still dispense doses in syringes. This is so decades ago.

3. Ingredients are ordered from the best distributors and suppliers in the country. No formulation is pre-made compared to the big guns that order their ingredients from overseas because they are bulk compounders. We are patient specific and tailored only to a prescription order.

Unfortunately NO. If we make a formulation error, we will gladly fix it at no charge to the patient and review our process to see if product recall is required and make sure it does not happen again. This is another reason we do not formulate products in batches. We only formulate the product on a prescription order specific to a patient.

Shipping and Handling

Some products require refrigeration. These are shipped in coolers with ice packs or dry ice for product integrity. We normally ship products that require refrigeration overnight.

Unfortunately NO. Also we do not take prescriptions that are not from a United States registered prescriber.