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What is an interactive pharmacy?


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Good Question.

They are the next generation of American retail pharmacies focused on innovations in the delivery of retail healthcare and wellness services using interactive technology.

Efficient Self-Care Healthcare


Interactive self-care takes the guess work out of your self-care healthcare needs using information at the point of sale. Making it an efficient, result-oriented process. Right decision. Right place. Right time.


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Superior Prescription Services

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You interact with your medication while the pharmacist is filling it. Say goodbye to the days of not knowing what in the world your medicine is all about.

Zero Prescription Filling Errors

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As a partner in the process of filling your prescription, you know what you are getting before you leave the pharmacy. Trust, but verify!

If not, our pharmacists will come to you and review your prescriptions with you. Afterall, you are family!

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Great Service!
In Sickness and In Health.

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Introducing Self-Care Health

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We developed a proprietary application that powers your self-care healthcare needs at Red Apple Interactive Pharmacy. First in the nation. Use it to:

  • Rule out an emergency situation
  • Decide if you need urgent care visit
  • Determine what over-the-counter (OTC) measures will work best for you.
  • Have a pharmacist interactively recommend an over-the-counter medicine for you.

You can also use the app to:

  • Compare OTC medications side-by-side
  • Find a nearby clinic to you. With reviews, directions, wait time and so on.
  • Hello Parents! You can use the app to get the dose of children's over-the-counter medicines. All you need is the weight of the child!

OK, we decided to make the app available to everyone. Download it from the App and Play stores. Search for Self-Care Health or use the link below to learn more.

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Great Service!
In Sickness and In Health.

This is our promise.

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