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Scrub of any color or Red polo shirt over dress pants. Name tag required.

Every 2 weeks.

You are responsible for keeping your hours log.

Employee Training

20 CE hrs/ 2 years


GA ADC 480-15-.02:

Regulation Details

GA ADC 480-15-.02Registration of Pharmacy Technicians and Continuing Education Requirements.

(6) On and after July 1, 2023, as a requirement for the biennial renewal of his/her registration, a pharmacy technician must complete not less than twenty (20) hours of approved continuing education.

    (a) "Approved continuing education" means courses approved by the Board as described in Rule 480-3-.03.

    (b) One hour of C.E. is defined as 0.1 C.E.U. Each pharmacy technician in the State of Georgia must obtain 20 hours of continuing education or 2.0 C.E.U.'s per biennium for registration renewal.

        1. Certificates documenting 20 hours of approved continuing education or 2.0 C.E.U.'s must be completed and date within the biennium.

    (c) During the technician's first registration cycle,

        1. A pharmacy technician registered during the first six (6) months of the biennium (January to June), shall be required to obtain 20 hours of C.E.

        2. A pharmacy technician registered during the following twelve (12) months (July to June), shall be required to obtain 10 hours of C.E.

        3. A pharmacy technician registered during the last six (6) months (July to December) of the biennium, shall be exempt from continuing education for that biennium only.

    (d) In the event of an audit and a pharmacy technician fails to submit certificates, which document his/her required continuing education credits, the Board will not process his/her request to renew the registration until the continuing education requirements are provided to the Board.

        1. The pharmacy technician may not carry over continuing education credits from one registration period to the next.

        2. Nothing is meant to prohibit representatives from the Georgia Drugs and Narcotics Agency (GDNA) from checking, auditing, or verifying a pharmacy technician's continuing education certificates as needed.

        3. Each registered pharmacy technician shall maintain these certificates of attendance at continuing education meetings for a period of two (2) years from the date of the preceding renewal period.

    (e) The staff of the Georgia Board of Pharmacy may audit, or otherwise select randomly, the continuing education of a percentage of registrants as determined by the Board.