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Interactive prescribing

Prescribers, customize your patient's compounding needs with confidence!

Interactive Prescribing

Prescribe With Confidence!

As a prescriber, we thought it would be nice for you to control the formulation of your patient's compounded medications. You should be able to choose the base, adjust active ingredients, see how much it will cost as you create the prescription, get allergen or GMO declarations, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), -- Just to name a few.


In pharmaceutical compounding, there are differences among the base, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), cosmetically active ingredients (CAIs), excipients or even packaging materials used.

These are factors that drive the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to how you, the prescriber, expect it to act therapeutically.

You may prescribe Bi-Est 2% cream. But the base used will vary among pharmacies or even among batches in the same pharmacy.

At the end of the day, you may have to adjust the dose of the API, not knowing the problem is with the base or other ingredients.

Because there can be variations among compounded products, the pharmacists at Red Apple Pharmacy created an interactive application to aid the prescriber in efficiently writing prescriptions to be compounded, evidence based and above all price transparency.

Now you can build the perfect product for your patient Interactively. This is real customization.

Interactive Prescribing


1. Choose The Right Base ---- Use comparison charts to see what is appropriate for your patient.

2. Choose Active Ingredients --- Review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other information interactively.

3. Add Cosmetically Active Ingredients, Flavor, Preservative Free, others using a slider.

4. See Rx Prices As You Go ... See how much the Rx will cost as you create the prescription.

5. Choose Appropriate Delivery Device ... Airless dispensers, Pumps, Dosing Syringes, Foamers ...

6. Instant Access To Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Allergen Information, .....

7. Access Reference and Comparison Charts as you create the prescription.

8. Customize Your Patient's Prescriptions just the way you want it.

9. Build With Confidence! --Your patients deserve it.

10. Generate a Prescription ... For your specific patient.

Order Forms Are Inadequate And Inefficient

Our Pharmacists have made it extremely easy for prescribers to generate HIPPA Certified prescription orders for veterinary, dermatology, HRT, topical pain-relief, lansoprazole, omeprazole suspensions, and magic mouthwash using our interactive prescriber application.


About Pharmaceutical Compounding

The FDA defines pharmaceutical compounding as a practice in which a licensed pharmacist, a licensed physician, or, in the case of an outsourcing facility, a person under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist, combines, mixes, or alters ingredients of a drug to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

Questions? Email FDA’s compounding team at

According to the FDA, compounded drugs can serve an important medical need for patients who cannot be treated with an FDA-approved medication, such as a patient who has an allergy and needs a drug to be made without a certain dye, or an elderly patient or a child who cannot swallow a tablet or capsule and needs a medicine in a liquid dosage form.

Practitioners in hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities sometimes provide compounded drugs to patients when an FDA-approved drug is not medically appropriate to treat them.

Pharmaceutical compounding give providers the opportunity to:

  • Combine therapeutics. Example, improve compliance by writing a prescription to be compounded for a drug cocktail into a single dosage form. And guess what? Your patient save money!
  • Personalize dosing. As a prescriber, you may want your patient to take a dose of 1 & 1/4 tablets of a drug. This is the best you can do with commercially available dosing. Did you know compounding can solve all this?
  • Tailor dosage forms. Troches, suppositories, gummies, chewable, suspensions are just a few of the dosage form you can choose for your patient.
  • Eliminate unwanted ingredients. Is your patient allergic to dyes, preservatives, fragrance, or even generic medications? If so, compounding will be a good solution.
  • Provide solutions to product unavailability. Not just drug shortages. Big Pharma is market driven and will only make drugs that have significant market share.
  • Enhance patient adherence. Let just say if you have a sick pet, you know the importance of giving the right dosage form.

Compounded drugs are not FDA-approved. This means that FDA does not verify the safety or effectiveness of compounded drugs. Compounded drugs also lack an FDA finding of manufacturing quality before such drugs are marketed. 

This is a major reason for prescribers to partner with pharmaceutical compounders that can provide them with as much information to make a patient care decision.

The Pharmacists at Red Apple realize that you need this information while creating the prescription. They came up with an interactive application to achieve this goal.

Various entities may inspect facilities that compound drugs, including state boards of pharmacy and FDA.

Generally, state boards of pharmacy have primary responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of state-licensed pharmacies that are not registered with FDA as outsourcing facilities. FDA does conduct surveillance and for-cause inspections of state-licensed pharmacies that are not registered as outsourcing facilities.

No. Biological products are not eligible for the exemptions for compounded drugs under sections 503A and 503B of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act. Federal law does not provide a legal pathway for marketing biologics that have been prepared outside the scope of an approved biologics license application.

Patient Oriented

Unfortunately No. But guess what? Most compounded medications are far cheaper than commercially available dosage forms.

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