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Interactive prescribing

Prescribers, customize your patient's compounding needs with confidence!

Interactive Prescribing

Prescribe With Confidence!

As a prescriber, we thought it would be nice for you to control the formulation of your patient's compounded medications. You should be able to choose the base, adjust cosmetically active ingredients, see prices as you build -- Just to name a few. Now you can at Red Apple Pharmacy!


Not all generic medications are the same, so also are compounded medications. There are differences with the base, active pharmaceutical ingredients, cosmetically active ingredients CAIs), excipients or even packaging materials used. These are vehicles that drive the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to how you, the prescriber, expect it to act therapeutically. Of course you expect the pharmacist to make that decision. You can prescribe Biest 2% cream. But the base used will vary among pharmacies or even among fills in the same pharmacy. At the end of the day, you may have to adjust the dose of the API, not knowing the problem is with the base or other ingredients. Because there can be variations among compounded products, the pharmacists at Red Apple created an interactive application. Now you can build the perfect product for your patient -- Interactively.

Use Of Order Forms Are Outdated

Our Pharmacists have made it extremely easy for prescribers to prescribe non-sterile compounding HIPPA Certified orders for veterinary, dermatology, HRT, topical pain-relief, and even lansoprazole, omeprazole suspensions including magic mouthwash, using our interactive prescriber application.

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